Scrawled is a monthly story competition for writers at all levels. Contestants compete to create fresh and interesting story concepts that use each of the mystery ingredients.


For example, the mystery ingredients for one round might be the following:


  • vampires

  • space

  • at least one blind character


Each contestants submits a 100-300 word synopsis of a potential novel that involves these three ingredients. Once the story concepts are posted on the blog, readers are given 48 hours to vote for their favorite.


The winner of the contest gets a full write-up on the blog as well as some sweet Scrawled swag.


Interested in being a Scrawled contestant? Fill out the form to the right to be considered.

Apply to be a Scrawled Contestant

This is a story concept competition. There is no commitment to actually write a book based on the winning concept.

© 2016 by Natasha Watts

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