• Natasha Watts

Writer in Motion, Day 1

For the next month, I'm participating in an exercise called "Writer in Motion." Basically, I'll write a short story in a week, then go through several transparent revisions via my blog to make the story better! Pretty simple.

Here's the photo prompt we were given:

We can be inspired by the prompt in whatever way we want - the color, the mood, the image itself.

My first thought was to go towards horror - I've always wished I could write horror, and a short story would be a great way to start. An abandoned shack in the mountains could definitely be scary, although it could also be cliché.

My next inclination was some sort of romantic drama à la the movie Up. This is the home a married couple has built together, and though it's small, it's everything they need. And maybe it's bittersweet, in that eventually one of them passes away, and the remaining spouse has to decide if they want to keep the place.

Both of these ideas interpret the prompt pretty literally. I'm going to keep thinking about it - and hopefully get writing soon!


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