• Natasha Watts

The Anatomy of Emotion - Now an Online Course!

Updated: Aug 2

I'm stoked to be teaching an online course for RMFW University in January called The Anatomy of Emotion. It's about using body language to make your fiction more authentic and emotional.

It's $40 for non-RMFW members, and I promise it's worth the money. I've tried to pack as much information in as possible, and you'll be networking with other writers throughout the course.

Here's the link and course description:

One of the most popular pieces of writing advice is "Show, don't tell." Though not a law to follow blindly, it's a tactic that will add raw emotional power to your scenes. In this course, we'll dig deep into the study of nonverbal communication. FBI interview tactics, movie clip analysis, and a bona fide people-watching project will give you the tools to write authentic, stirring interactions.


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